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Curated by Daniel Bauer 

Performance: Thursday, July 30, 6-8pm

“The ancestor cult re-enchants scholarship. The personalities persist; they are ‘standing over’, a superstitio, in an otherwise rational discourse.”

-Christopher S. Wood, Aby Warburg, Homo victor

Andrea Meislin Gallery is proud to announce PARTY BEUYS: what comes after farce, a group exhibition curated by Daniel Bauer. The exhibition will include works by Ilit Azoulay, Ronnie Bass, Assaf Evron, East River School Painters, Lilly Hern-Fondation, Sarah Hewitt, Gareth James, Anthony Romero and Josh Rios, and Jeff Whetstone.

Starting from the figure of Joseph Bueys as the self-proclaimed artist-cum-shaman, PARTY BEUYS looks into the spaces between influence and inheritance and explores the bidirectional trajectories of the canonical and the contemporary in the creation of mythologies of origin. Working across different media, the artists featured in the exhibit reinterpret semi-recent art history while using cultic ritual as a formal methodology in referring to, and departing from, our artistic antecedents.

The dizzying effects of temporal and geographical juxtapositions, the symbolic equivalences as well as the inevitable experience of an auratic dissonance, result in re-enchantments of time and place and ultimately in the artworks’ emanations - both good and bad.


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