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Born in Israel
Lives and works in Haifa, Israel

1997 - 2001 Department of Photography, Honors, Wizo Academy of Education and Design, Haifa, Israel


Raw Iron, Video Installation, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

Sailboats and Swans, International Photo Festival, Israel
Sailboats and Swans, Living Space, Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sailboats and Swans, Hellenic Center for Photography, Athens, Greece

Sailboats and Swans, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York

Strangely Familiar, Photographic Resource Center at Boston University
The Black Eye, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
The Black Eye, M+B Gallery, Los Angeles
The Black Eye, Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam

Strangely Familiar, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
Strangely Familiar, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Strangely Familiar, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

Recent Photographs, Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Vitalina and Friends, Lohamei Haghetaot Gallery, Israel

Lazarova, Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, USA
Lazarova, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv

Vitalina and Friends, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv


The Jewish Museum, from the Collection
A Place for Fashion, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Contemporary Israeli Photography, Ashdod Museum, Ashdod, Israel
Aperture: Photographs, The Devos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, Michigan

operart, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
A Private Moment in Public, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel

“Utopia/Dystopia”, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel

DOK15: National Festival of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, Norway
Decadal Variations, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, NY

Voices of Incarceration, Laband Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount Univ., CA

Israel Now – Reinventing The Future, The MACRO Museum, Italy

A Prayer is a Prayer is a Prayer, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, NY
The Under Toad, The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL

Making Room: Contemporary Israeli Photography, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
Recent Acquisitions, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL

The Grip/La Mainmise, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, France

Taylor Wessing Portrait Competition, The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
Nymphoto: Conversations Volume I, Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York
Flash Forward, Sponsored by the Magenta Foundation, Toronto, Canada

Presumed Innocence: Photographic Perspectives of Children, DeCordova Museum, MA

The Portrait Competition, The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

Uniforms & Costumes from the series "Strangely Familiar", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel
The Portrait Competition, The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
Photo NY, October 2006
Not All Of Man's Best Friends Are Dogs, Fahey/Klein gallery, Los Angeles
Turning Silver, Women in Photography International
Photography Now, 401 Projects, New York
Portraits, The Photographer's Gallery, London, UK
Photo – London, UK
Photography Now, Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY, USA
FNAC, Barcelona, Spain C Photo magazine touring exhibition
Making a Scene, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize, The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
Conflicted, Menier Gallery, London, UK
The Children's Hour, The Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA
Dialogue with the Classics - The Chapels, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel
Fotografia, Hendrik Andersen Museum, Rome, Italy
Western Biennale of Art, John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
Magic, Vamiali Gallery, Athens, Greece

Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize, The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
Spread in Prato, Various Venues, Prato, Italy
Gods Becoming Men, Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece
Love is in the Air, Time for Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

The Rape of Europe, Luke & A Gallery, London, UK
Young Israeli Art, O'hana Collection, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel
The Armory Photography Show, New York, USA
Female Turbulence, Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Naked before God, Museum of Modern Art, Parnu, Estonia
Artic 5, America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli Art
Scenes in Perspective, Art Tower Agora Gallery, Athens, Greece
Artist for Coexistence, Um El Fachem Gallery and Rosenfeld Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel

New Purchases in Photography, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel
Artist of the Ideal, Palazo Forti, Verona, Italy

Yeladudes, Holon Art Center, Israel

Human Now, Haifa Cinemateque, Israel

Third Place, Taylor Wessing Portrait Competition, National Portrait Gallery, UK
Best Photography Book, PDN Photo Annual

Constantiner Award for Photography –Tel Aviv

Young Israeli Photographer Prize
Haifa Museum- Raphael Angel Fund
Joshua Rabinowitz Fund for the Arts Grant

Oscar Hendler Prize, Oscar Hendler Fund- Lohamei Haghetaot Gallery
Israel Lottery Grant, Dialogue with Classics, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Joshua Rabinowitz Fund for the Arts Grant
Israel Lottery Grant to Support International Artists
Dudu Dotan Artist Support Fund
Artist in Residence, Hammeau des Artistes, Paris, France

America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Collection of Sir Elton John, London
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
The Jewish Museum, New York
The Kadist Art Foundation, Paris
The Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach
The Portland Museum of Art
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

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